Welcome to Inspirer

The most inspirational, functional movement system for our future generation 

Inspirer is not just an exercise programme, it is a unique and wonderful system that will give children and young people the tools to grow into healthy, happy adults, by providing a method that changes the way in which we view ourselves and the world around us. Therefore changing the future.

Society is fully aware of the added stress that children and teenagers are under at school, at home, from social media and so on and with every effort that is being made to engage children in healthy activity we seem to still be failing and are instead seeing a vast rise in teenage eating disorders, depression and crime. We believe this is because everyone has been trying to address the problem instead of addressing the cause.


We don’t just come in and teach students a series of movements that will get them fit and healthy, we look beyond the superficial layers and go deep into understanding their environment and emotions and how they manifest themselves. With this knowledge, we bespoke every class to the group via 2 methods that have been developed over years of practice and provide a class that addresses those issues. Whilst on the forefront having a deeply knowledgeable, yet inspiring teacher who provides incredibly fun, multidisciplinary classes, like no other, that inspire young people to continue a healthy lifestyle outside of class.

After twenty years and thousands of hours of teaching experience, Elena developed a system that integrates the most beneficial aspects of Pilates, Yoga, self-defense, partner work, animal work and life skills with the curriculum, in order to deliver the best results and provide teaching that is most relevant to the challenges of modern life.

Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals as an Affiliate Member.

Programme Packages


10 classes with a fully qualified Inspirer teacher.

This package will provide the beginning of the process. They will learn to feel their body and how to move it properly.

This is a great introductory option.



20 classes with a fully qualified Inspirer teacher.

This package allows the students to go deeper into the process and truly understand how their body works and integrates with their environment.

This package is the best option for those wishing to make a big difference to their life and skills in sports.



20 classes with a fully qualified Inspirer teacher and 10 with a fully qualified Back to Back teacher for the staff.

In order to master something, it helps to have the support and understanding of those around you. Therefore, this package provides the chance for your staff to understand the benefits of the practice their students will be taking part in.

This is the best package for a complete overhaul of the student body, including the students, staff and communities lives.


Teacher Training

As an Inspirer teacher, it will be your job to deliver this revolutionary programme and Inspire children and teenagers all over.  You will learn more than just how to teach a class to these age groups, you will learn what it means to be in the mind of a child or teenager and how life affects them.

Available to qualified Yoga and Pilates teachers


Qualified fitness experts already working in a school