About Inspirer

We All Have An Inner Child

We have spent hours finding our own inner child so that we can help you find yours. Once you have, it’s easy to teach teenagers because you’ll feel like one again. 

We will support you on your journey to furthering your career and inspiring teenagers in your area by giving you time to take it all in and having people you can stay in contact with throughout the course and afterwards.

We are the only teacher training course to teach teenagers that is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Make a difference

We are also trying to connect with the government via a petition to get Yoga, Pilates and movement into the secondary curriculum.  If you’ve got this far on our website then our future generations wellbeing means something to you, so please click here and sign the petition.

How We Came To Be

After over 20 years of teaching experience including teaching teenagers in small settings and in clinical cases, Elena Voyce was inspired to devise the Inspirer Programme.   Inspirer brings together a team of experts including yoga and Pilates teachers, anatomists, psychologists, school teachers and parents. Between them, they have created a truly fantastic course which has been built around the physical, physiological, social and emotional challenges that young people face.


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