About Inspirer

We All Have An Inner Child, let us help you find it!



We have spent hours finding our own inner child so that we can help you find yours. Once you have, it’s easy to teach teenagers because you’ll feel like one again. 

We will support you on your journey to furthering your career and inspiring teenagers in your area by giving you the insight and tools to be able to teach teenagers and address the challenges that are specific to this age group. We will teach you how to support, guide and inspire teenagers towards wellbeing, positivity and happiness.


We are the only teacher training course to teach teenagers that is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.





How We Came To Be

After over 20 years of teaching experience including teaching teenagers in small settings and in clinical cases, Elena Voyce was inspired to devise the Inspirer Programme.   Inspirer brings together a team of experts including Yoga and Pilates teachers, anatomists, psychologists, school teachers and parents. Between them, they have created a truly fantastic course which has been built around the physical, physiological, social and emotional challenges that young people face.



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