We have worked hard to tailor Inspirer’s courses to cover all of the UK Curriculum targets for Key Stages 3 & 4

How Inspirer Covers The Curriculum

 Key Stage 3

  • Inspirer classes promote strength and confidence. This enhances their technique in all other sports.
  • Students learn to move freely, building strength and stamina.
  • Every lesson involves partner work and therefore, teamwork.
  • Throughout the programme students will assess and analyse their progress.
  • Classes appeal to many different abilities and preferences in sports.
  • The students gain a much deeper understanding of how to use the body and how to be healthy throughout life.

Key Stage 4

Many of the same things apply in Key stage 4 as did in Key stage 3.

  • Every class is a challenge; they will be learning to move the body in ways they have never done before.
  • The students analyse and evaluate their performance throughout and at the end.
  • Inspirer is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and is in itself a range of activities.
  • Students are given the tools they need to continue their practice outside of class for a lifetime.

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