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As an Inspirer teacher, it will be your privilege to deliver this revolutionary programme and INSPIRE teenagers all over the world!

Our course teaches you to truly integrate movement into your own body so that you can teach others to do the same and learn a brand new, totally unique holistic form of exercise.


The Inspirer Course


We live in a time where children, and in particular teens, are facing challenges unlike any that we as adults faced growing up. And this is set within social and educational frameworks that have remained largely static, systems which as a result are unable to provide the support and nurturing that our youngsters need to move through adolescence into healthy and balanced adulthood.



What can we do about this?

At Inspirer you will learn a broad array of tools and techniques to guide teenagers through the challenges they face. We focus on all aspects of teen wellbeing and will teach you how to support teenagers through the constant changes they face, so through attention to movement, posture, alignment, nutrition, and psychosocial coping strategies you will learn how to:

Identify and address the causes of stress

Identify and teach coping strategies

Teach adaptability

Teach embodied aware movement

We will teach you how to fill your toolbox with strategies to create the capacity for adaptation and once you have completed this voyage of self-discovery and self-appreciation you will then be able to teach these same skills and strategies to young people. And what you are teaching them is so much more than just surviving you are teaching them







Join us for the next exciting Inspirer Teacher Training!

Our next course runs over 5 weekends from the 4th of April 2020

Course dates:

4/5 April

2/3 May

6/7 June

4/5 July

19/20 September


Investment: £945

Early bird discount of £150 if booked by 14th March 2020



  • 80hr Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited CPD
  • Course manual with class plans for each season/term
  • DBS certificate to enable you to work with under 18’s
  • Trial placement in a local school



At Inspirer we truly believe that together we can create a better world and a brighter future by inspiring teenagers! So we’d love to welcome you into our joyous teaching community and share methods for investing in our younger generations and leading our youth towards positivty, wellbeing and balance.

For more details or for an application pack please contact us!


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Why choose the Inspirer Course?

In our world change is constant, everything is constantly shifting and we have lost our capacity to adapt.

We live in a world of uncertainties where there is little that we can be sure of, but there is one thing that we do know, we can be sure that things will change.


Our Inspirer program teaches us to see why adaptation isn’t happening, what causes this and teaches us ways to address this, to re-set ourselves and then teach this to an even more vulnerable group of people: teenagers.



We offer a multidisciplinary system which incorporates anatomy-specific embodied movement with awareness, psychosocial coping strategies and relaxation techniques which work together to create a healthier, stronger, more balanced teenager. The course has been specifically designed to teach teachers to address the specific challenges that are faced by teenagers. The syllabus comprises four 24 hour modules created to:

Enable students to learn at their own pace

Allow students to digest and absorb the material in their own bodies and daily life which is essential

Give students the time they really need to understand the complexities of teenage development, something which takes time and practice



What Makes the Inspirer Course Special?

Unlike any other course Inspirer encompasses a range of disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, energetic anatomy, partner work, natural movement and personal development.  This is to equip prospective teachers with a real wealth of skills specifically designed for teaching teenagers. On completing the course an Inspirer teacher is fully equipped and trained to:

Understand the challenges faced by young people and those who work with them

Understand how these challenges manifest on physical, physiological, psychosocial, mental and emotional levels

Identify physical, physiological, mental and emotional challenges in young people and have the tools to address, guide and help teens through many of the difficulties they face

Create lesson plans that are relevant, fun and supportive


What greater gift could we offer our youth than mental, emotional and physical wellbeing?




Get in touch to ask any questions and or to get more details about our insightful course



Entry Requirements

Our Inspirer Teacher Training is available to qualified Yoga and Pilates teachers, qualified fitness experts already working in a school or people with 3 years of concentrated yoga practice. To become a qualified Inspirer Teacher, you must have one of the following:

– A 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate with a recognised yoga school

– A certificate in Pilates or personal training

– A degree in Sports Science or Teaching physical education

–  At least 3 years as a frequent yoga practitioner


Teacher Trainers

Every aspect of the Inspirer course has been carefully researched, updated by the teachers involved, so you will be taught the best, by the best! 

Elena Voyce

Elena Voyce is the founder of Inspirer and has been teaching people to change their lives and take up a career in Yoga teaching since 2000. Elena will teach you the energetic anatomy portion, which has been created from her life’s works. No one could teach this part of this course like she can!

Jesse Saunders

Jesse is an inspiring Acro Yoga teacher and thai massage therapist and has been teaching on the Teach Yoga teacher training course for years now. He will teach you the Partner Work module on the Inspirer Teens course, through which you will learn how to work as a team in order to stretch and strengthen, whilst having immense amounts of fun.

Ryan Carldon-Miah

Ryan is a great teacher with 10 years of experience in teaching Yoga, Martial Arts, Budokon and functional fitness. He is an expert in primal movement and along with Elena’s input he has designed the part of the course we call Animal Movement. Ryan will teach you how to move freely and gain amazing amounts of strength and agility, whilst having so much fun!

Lucia Micheluzzi

Lucia is a Yoga and Pilates teacher and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She is also part of the teaching staff on Teach Yoga Ltd’s British Wheel and Yoga Alliance 200Hr Teacher Training courses. Since 2009 she has been teaching group and individual classes to adults, teens and children. She has also been offering Thai Yoga Massage as a therapeutic complement to her Yoga and Pilates students’ journey towards balance.

Jodie Merrick

Jodie is the founder of fringe.yoga and the fringe.method and she runs annual teacher training courses in the fringe•method at her 5 nationwide fringe.yoga studios. With 15 years of teaching yoga Jodie shares her knowledge and experience through powerful, intelligent sequences tailored for all ages and abilities, enriched by a wealth of anatomy knowledge, breath work, intention setting and a deep belief that as we release the tension in our bodies we unravel the stories of our souls.

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